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DrBox –  A leading packaging and gift box manufacturer in China.

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Set up in Guangzhou, China, in 2004. DrBox is a full-service manufacturing company that makes all types of premium and luxury packaging boxes.Over the years, the company has focused on research and development (R&D) and manufacturing packages. The types of products include all types of paper packaging that are ecofriendly, such as corrugated packaging, rigid boxes, printing and packaging, luxury gift boxes, gift carriers, and color boxes.

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The company set up a process design department to help customers design and solve problems with product packaging. This was done so that customers could get personalized custom packaging solution that a brand deserve.

Leading Packaging and gift Box manufacturer

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on sampling

We consider that fast sampling is very important for any kind of packaging solution. It helps a customer ensure the small details and quality before ordering bulk.

So, we have a dedicated team of engeneers and skilled workforce in addition to latest high-tech machines to develop the sample of our customer’s desired packaging. Generally we go for a 3D mockup or prototype and send it to our customers.

Quick 3D Mockup

Experience the power of our Quick 3D Mockup feature, allowing you to swiftly visualize and explore your custom packaging and gift box designs with incredible detail and accuracy.


Our prototyping process ensures that every aspect of your packaging design is carefully crafted, refined, and perfected before moving forward, guaranteeing a flawless end result.

Test Proof

Test Proof brings your packaging vision to life, with a tangible representation of the final product, allowing for thorough inspection and approval.

Final Sample

Our expert craftsmen translate your creative concept into Final Sample, constructed with desired materials and exquisite attention to detail.
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Since 2004

DrBox traces its roots back to 2004 when it was established in Guangzhou, China. From its inception, the company has dedicated itself to becoming a leading provider of premium and luxury packaging boxes, offering a comprehensive range of services.


Since its establishment, our company has experienced remarkable growth, expanding from a modest team of 15 individuals to now boasting over 400 dedicated in-house professionals. 

Custom Packaging and gift box Manufacturer


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