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Your Brand needs its own identity. Create an everlasting unboxing experience to your customers. We have the best solution for your on going packaging strategy. At the same time we can develop a personalized packaging strategy that suits your brand commercially.

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February 2023

Dieline & Die Cutting in Printing and Custom Packging What is a Dieline? Why is a Dieline Important? Who creates dieline? Dieline Requirements. How to Create a Dieline? Die Cutting Process A dieline is a digital or physical template that represents the final dimensions, shape, and layout of a package or printed material. In the printing and packaging industry, dielines are an essential component of the...

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Key Points    Importance of Custom Packaging. How Custom Packaging Affects Sales. Brand Recognition. First Impression. Communicate The Product Value. Product Differentiation. A Practica Case Study (A Wine Company). Does really packaging have any unavoidable impact in sales or profit? The straight answer would be : It Really Does. A little bit of tweak in customers mind could influence a whole purchasing process. And the truth is...

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right packaging for your product

Important Factors for Custom Packaging Measurement & Size. Ease of Opening. Fragility Materials (Paperboard, Corrugated Cardboard, Rigid Boxes). Design. Budget. Sampling. Accept it or not, the first impression (even before looking at the product itself) matters. Discovering the most effective and cost-friendly way to package your product could be a major challenge. A so-so or average first impression affects the business potential of any product. A great...

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